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Frequently Asked Questions

How does work? helps you find the most sold items across many places. Just type what you're looking for, and you'll see items that match.

How does handle keywords and synonyms? searches for exact keywords in product titles. Unlike Amazon and some shopping sites, it doesn't understand synonyms. This is because we prioritize showing top-selling items and don't want to accidentally miss any by using broader keyword interpretations.

Do I have to pay to use

You can search 5 times every day for free. No need to sign up!

What's in PRO?

You can search 100 times every day and see special sales data and yearly trends.

Where do you get your info?

We collect product details from public shopping websites. We don't use info from other sources. Our sales numbers come from our special calculations.

Can I trust the sales numbers?

We study past sales to guess how many items are sold. Our guesses are right about 80% of the time, and we usually guess low.

What places do you check?

We look at the U.S., Canada, Mexico, many Western European countries, and Poland. More to come.

What shopping sites do you look at?

We check sites like Amazon, Walmart, and a few others. We'll add more soon! If you have ideas, let us know.

Can I download the info?

No, you can only look at it here. But soon, we'll have a special tool you can pay for.

Who made

FABRIKS SAS, a French company, created this. Founded by Karl Leicht (@leichtdev) in 2016, they specialize in marketplace intelligence. They collaborate with top retailers, marketplaces, and global brands.

Is it safe to pay here?

Yes, it's safe. We use Stripe to handle payments, and we don't keep your card details. Stripe is very secure.

How can I pay?

You can use most credit or debit cards and some online payment methods. But we don't take PayPal or digital coins.

Can I get my money back?

Sorry, no refunds. Once you pay, you can see the data right away.

How do I stop paying?

Easy! When logged in, click your email at the top. You'll go to Stripe where you can stop your plan.

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