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I love building simple tools for online sellers!

Hey, it's Karl 👋 With a decade of experience in top-tier retail, I spotted a glaring gap.

Sure e-merchants have panel data and market share tools, but those are only good for spotting broad category trends.

Take outdoor games, for instance: overall, they're down 10% year-over-year. But dig deeper, and you'll see swings dropping by 20%, while water guns skyrocket by 60%. Relying on overly general data means missing out on golden opportunities.

That's where I step in! I've developed a no-brainer tool for identifying best sellers. Just one simple query and you're all set—no need for complex filters or categories.

How many times have I seen projects that could've been groundbreaking end up underused or not used at all?

By 2024, data shouldn't be a tool reserved for PhDs. That's why I build